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Office Buildings

Office Buildings Available in Middle Georgia

125 Plantation Center Drive,     Macon, Ga.    $310,000.00

155 North Crest Blvd.​,                Macon, GA   $295,000.00

American Federal Bldg. 1st Floor       ​Macon, GA $175,000

732 Riverside Drive​,                   Macon, GA   $3,000,000.00

440 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.​, Macon, GA  $4,450,000.00

American Federal Bldg., 1st Floor        Macon, GA $175,000

913 Washington Ave. Office Bldg
Macon, GA   $125,000 Reduced to $115,000.00

American Federal Bldg.               Partial Basement                             Macon, GA $175,000